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Time to boost your CS2 Commends

Our CS2 Commendbot dramatically increases your trust factor in Counter-Strike 2! It makes your profile look more legit and professional! Time to boost your commends.


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Get now our advanced Commendbot for CS2 with which you can boost your CS2 Profile (friendly / teacher / leader). It has never been so easy to use a Commend-bot for Counter-Strike 2. Online 24/7 and instant key delivery.

Easy to use!

How does the Commendbot work?

Follow our step-by-step instructions to use our Commendbot. This bot works completely automatically and is very user-friendly.

Buy a key

Find out which Commendbot package suits you best on our website and then select it. You will then be asked to enter your e-mail address (please make sure it is correct!). Then select the payment method you prefer, we offer you numerous payment options (credit/debit cards, crypto, regional payment methods such as SOFORT and more!)

After you have completed the payment process you will receive your key via e-mail. This may take a few minutes - if you do not receive an e-mail with the key, please check your spam folder!

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Redeem the key

The payment process is complete and you have already received your key by e-mail? Then the next step is to join our Discord server. Please make sure that your Discord account is verified. You can also find detailed guides for our services on our Discord server.

After you have joined the server, the next step is to open the correct channel: "cs2-commend-channel" In the channel itself, click on the "Get your Channel" button and your personal channel will be created on the Discord server. There you will find an overview of how to redeem your key and how to start the bot.

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Use the CS2 Commendbot

After you have redeemed your key, your purchased quantity will be credited to you as a balance. You can now use this balance as you wish on our Discord server.

To start the Commend-bot you have to specify how many ingame commends you would like to have and which Steam profile should be boosted. Then join our server (you will stay in the loading screen!) and confirm that you have successfully connected. Have fun with our CS 2 Commendbot.

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Is it safe to use a Commentbot for Steam?
Yes, its safe to use. You cannot get banned for this.
Can the comments be used for screenshots or videos?
Yes, you can use the comments on everything except in steam groups.
Will my steam account get banned for using this service?
No, none of our services will affect the status of your steam account. Everything is safe to use. And for our customers security we do monitor every account/ban that happens after using our service.
Do I need to download anything to use your services?
No, you just need to join our Community Server.
What do I need?
All you need is an discord account and your CS2 Account (we dont need your login!)

See what our customers say

Feel free to join our discord for support and a great community!